Do I require an Electric Safety Certificate?

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Are EICR and PAT testing mandatory?

Since 01st April 2021, it is now mandatory for all rented properties to have an EICR which is an Electric Safety Certificate known as an EICR (EICR SAMPLE). This now includes all existing and new tenancies.


This is now the law and a strict rule that be followed by all landlords. Failing to carry out and supply an electrical safety test risks a £30,000 fine.


Properties which fall under the HMO licensing scheme are legally required to provide PAT testing (electric safety checks for portable devices). The rules for properties in Scotland and Wales are explained below.


In addition to the requirement to have installations and appliances tested, landlords are commonly responsible for the safety of their property. Landlords must renew the EICR every 5 years and PAT testing annually this will ensure your property and the tenants are safe and will safeguard things that could potentially go wrong with electrical equipment.


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