What if I Am With An Agent?

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What happens if I am already with an Estate Agent?

If your property is already being marketed by an estate agency there will be a contract between you and the estate agent. Here are details of a couple of the most common types of contracts :

'Sole selling rights': this means the estate agent is the only agent with the right to sell your house but if you find a tenant/buyer yourself, you won't have to pay the agents. Just let your friendly local agent know you will be looking for buyers and tenants yourself to avoid any confusion at a later date when they may insist you are liable for...

'Multi agency': which means that you can choose several estate agents to market your property but you will only have to pay commission to the one who sells it. You will usually be charged a higher rate of commission.

'Ready, willing and able purchaser': if the estate agents find you a buyer and you later withdraw from the sale, you will still be liable to pay the agents' fees.

Rental agreements are a bit different. They can vary and will usually allow you to market your property with a number of agencies, allowing you choice and exposure when showcasing your property to prospective tenants.

I Am The Agent is an online agency and also a physical agency so do make sure you are clear what contract you have signed with the agency. Some of our services may work in conjunction with your existing agent, so we are just another bow to your arrow in achieving your sale or rental! But, as we always say, make sure you read the small print....BEFORE YOU SIGN.