Key Features

  • spacious
  • 2 bathrooms
  • play station, weights

Full description

Hi there, I have a spare fully equipped bedroom with a large bed in my flat from 10th of June until the 25th of August when my contract expires. The rent is 350 per person, you DON`T have to pay council tax since my student rights don`t expire until September and the lease is on my name, the bills come to less than 50 pounds per person, so altogether less than 400 for such a central flat in a good condition with perks. The flat is quite spacious, fully furnished, tidy and in good condition. It is situated LITERALLY one minute away from Caledonian University and Buchanan Bus Station. The surrounding area is perfect for running, also I have some weights, a bench and a punching bag in the corner of the living room which anyone would be more than welcome to use, however if they are a problem I can get rid off them. Same goes for m ping-pong table which is attached over one of the tables - if you like playing I`d be more than happy to - if not I can throw it out as well since I am not using it. I also have a Play Station 3 which would also be at your disposal whenever you want to play. There are two bathrooms, one of them with a shower, the other with a bath tub which I have personally never used it is working, I think the only things is it would need hot water from the shower. I am 23, just graduated from uni, I am easy-going, I love having fun and going out but if my flatmate wants peace and quiet I would absolutely respect that and would make sure my activities wouldn`t interfere with his/hers. I like keeping the house clean but I am not a clean freak either. I like sharing and wouldn`t have a problem with it, but again, if my flatmate doesn`t - no problem. I am not pretentious, I wouldn`t make any problems for small, insignificant things and can take responsibility and admit when I have done something wrong. I think I am open-minded, I wouldn`t force anything on anyone and would respect their personal space. My phone number is 07 979 303 785. I am looking forward to hearing from you. :) Peter


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