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Ms S Mahon, SE London

I was searching the net to rent my property privately. I registered with I Am The Agent and rented a apartment in South East London it was very easy negotiating direct with the landlord. It was £120 cheaper then any other flats on the development with or local estate agent, so we saved £40.00 per week on the market price by dealing direct! I would definitely recommend the site to friend searching for new homes. I think it’s the way forward!

Mr R Brand, Bali, Indonesia

I advertised my holiday rental privately through I AM The Agent for £299 in March and already we have rented the majority of this season. It was very easy to use and would recommend using them again

Ms C Roberts, Leigh on Sea, Essex

I advertised my property privately for sale privately with I Am The Agent on the £149.00 package. At first I was a bit nervous advertising our property in line privately but as our house was over £250,000 I wanted to save on agency fees so gave it a try. Within 5 minutes I had paid and had my property live, the next day we received the board and within 3 months we had an offer at the price we wanted. We used the documents provided by I AM The Agent and it was so easy. We use the site for all of our rental properties now it’s a great help. Renting and selling my properrty privately was very easy. Thank you.

Maria Vasiliou, Islington

When I decided to sell my house privately,there was a part of me that expected the entire process to be time consumingand difficult to manage. I’ve sold other properties previously using estateagents and wasn’t keen on having to pay a large chunk of commission with theway house prices have been dropping so decided to go it alone. I found I Am TheAgent online and thought that it would be a good starting point for advertisingmy property. I’ve been hugely impressed by how easy it was to get my propertylisted and started to see the benefits of advertising my house online almostimmediately. I was able to arrange viewings and speak to buyers directly whichI think helped to sell the house in a relatively short space of time.

John Esqulant

I wanted to rent my flat privately aftergetting a new job in another part of the country. I’d previously spent a lot ofmoney on renovations and wanted to return when the short term contractfinished. I Am The Agent allowed me to speak directly to tenants and provided astep by step guide which helped me make sure all of the relevant checks weredone and the deposit in place. I couldn’t have done it without them and amsatisfied I’ve got the right tenants for my flat! 

Justin Homewood

I Am The Agent provided a first class service enabling me to chose from an encouraging number of quality prospective tenants / applicants.
You made renting my flat easy and greatly aided me to get a very acceptable rental income.  Very personable yet professional contact, and thoroughly recommended.

Nice one Louise

Mr S Khan

I was very impressed with the site and shocked with the amount of enquiries I received for my property (29 in one day).  I will definitely be using I Am The Agent again.

Mr G Francois

I was very impressed with the design and simplicity of using the site.  I was amazed by how many property portals you advertise on and how easy it was to advertise on them all, just from using your site, making it nice and easy.
Thank you!

Mr H. Stone, W.Hampstead

Absolutely love the site, the service is second to none and the team are experienced estate agents, FABULOUS! This on line estate agency has saved me thousand per year will use forever if they keep this standard up! 

Steve Huseny

Super service, helpful staff and let my property in 2 days! This on line agency really works! Let the property for £99 inc  board, vat and support. Thank you 

Steven Hobbs - Kent

Great on line agent best I have found so far!

Doug and Louis Sheppard. SE London

Myself and my partner are on a tight budget as we are trying to keep a buy to let and purchase a family home so every penny counts! We used I Am The Agent as a private Landlord to rent our property. They were super helpful, explained in easy steps, helped with descriptions without us asking and our property let within 7 days all for £99.

Thanks to the team especially Dennis! 

Sally & David Richardson

We sold our property through I Am The Agent, we had a nice young agent come over gave us a written valuation, best price guide and checked the ad before listing. During the first 2 weeks we got LOTS of enquiries and met our buyers twice and exchanged in 6 weeks. Really great saving and selling a private property online couldn't have been easier. Nice experience A*! 

Stephen Sellars -  Pro Landlord

I Am The Agent is Amazing.

We will never go back to using a traditional letting agent

In less than 3 weeks we have had over 25 enquiries which I
find incredible compared to our usual letting agents who have left us with a
void of 3 months in a previous year.

We had 3 requests to view the property on the first day
alone and have now let our property in Altrincham to a quality tenant who
enquired in the first week of the ad going live.

A few weeks ago, I Am The Agent also found a lovely family to
move into one of our other properties in Wigan within 2 weeks!

 They can even do the vetting and create a bespoke Tenancy
agreement as well if you want them to.

What an excellent service!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend I Am The Agent to anyone who
needs a super fast, reliable and low cost way to let their properties anywhere
throughout the UK.

Mel S

Dear iamtheagent

I wanted to thank you for the excellent website and to inform you that my Swansea marina flat has been let. I will definitely use your services again and had more inquiries than I would have with a standard agent.

Thank you again

Landlord Prestonpans

I have changed the status already

I Am The Agent worked well for me, I had the property advertised in other places but it was I Am The Agent that attracted the tenant



Andrew, Swindon

I have been a lanlord for over 20 years. I advertised my property for a few weeks on a free site
before placing an advert on iamtheagent.com.
They were very professional and efficient but the best of this was our property had six potential tenants in two days which resulted in a let within a week. Keep up the good work and i will be a customer for many

Sri Kart IATA2857

'Service was very fast and effective, within a couple minutes of it posting on Gumtree I received an

Jonathan Slater IATA2803

“Love this service, will be using it for all our other properties now since it's really good.” 

Ben Smith IATA2779

“Great service, I haven’t found a tenant just yet but love
the way you guys are keeping me posted with everything.” 

James Mitchell IATA 2726

“Service was fantastic, I will be definitely using you again, not just for letting but also for sale now too.” 

Christine Oettinger IATA3579

"Very happy with
the service.  When I had questions, received very good feedback,
especially helpful was the Property Performance Report which explained exactly
how my add was doing compared to the rest of the rentals on the market. I
would definitely use "Iamtheagent" again"

Jitendra Shah IATA1748

Great on line estate agent. The site gives
discerning landlords the power to be I am the agent. Very
happy with the service - fast, friendly and effective.

Katie Rankin IATA3219

The service was very simple and saved us a lot of money. It
was very effective and easy to use and meant that we were in direct contact
with viewers and the buyer helping improve communication. We would recommend
this service to anyone over the traditional estate agents. 

Alexander Wiltshire IATA4248

Dear Team,
I just want to say thank you! You've made a whole process so smooth for me. I took out the ref
check, doc pack, and £99.00 marketing package. I was so sceptical but received
10s of responses in days. Within 1 day of starting my viewings I had a great
tenant. The ref check took no more than a day and a half was so thorough I feel
really confident. I just can't believe it! The site also instilled confidence
in my tenant advising them what they needed to be doing with deposit schemes
Thank you for proving a sceptic TOTALLY wrong. Brilliant guys. Keep up the good work

Richard Hay - IATA4545

Thank you for an excellent
service. We had over a dozen enquiries to buy our house and the first enquirer
brought our house. We've save a considerable amount of money for not much work
on our side. I will of course recommend your service to family & friends.
Kind Regards Richard Hay 

Stephen - IATA5634 - Eastbourne Landlord

Dear Sir

I am pleased to say that the below flat has now been rented. 12 days from marketing.

Great service, many thanks for all of your help! 

Jane - Dorking - IATA 6065

Dear I Am The Agent 

I am delighted at the response from this site. I have had over 30 separate
enquiries and found an ideal tenant on the first day of viewings. ...this after
2 estate agents failed to rent it in over 3 months! Superb!
Thank you very much

Polly - IATA5986

Dear Team,
Thank you so much for all your support and guidance in
helping me find tenants for my flat.  You made doing it myself not feel
like doing it alone and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to anyone who
is considering renting or selling their property.  The combination of the
website guidance with excellent, personal, knowledgeable and friendly telephone
and email support, eased me through what initially seemed like a somewhat
daunting task. I would definitely use 'I Am The Agent Again'. 
Many thanks,


Working with I Am The Agent was an all round excellent experience. I was never kept waiting, never had to ask for more information, and they took the time to really explain everything through. I have since recommended them to several other friends and I know they will have great service. As a result of my chat with Harriet I chose to have ongoing management through I Am The Agent and as an expat landlord have found it such a relief to have a safe pair of hands watching over my tenants ans property. Also worth noting was on with another agent and I had a void for 2 months and they asked me to reduce the property by £200 per month before instructing I Am the Agent, they let it in 48 hours for the full amount!! 

Natalia Foley - IATA7069

Having used an estate agent for 2 months to try and rent my flat I was
starting to panic that things were too slow. I was recommended 'I am the agent'
and I can't say enough about how great they have been.

I found someone within 1 week and got responses to my advert immediately but
for some reason the estate agent said they were getting very little response.

Everyone I spoke to was extremely well spoken and very professional and they
always kept me updated over the phone which I loved as its very reassuring.

Every part of the service was great. Strongly recommended!! 


Using I am the agent was simple, stress free, very cost
efficient and at at all times let me feel in control of all aspects of our
sale. I will definitely be using their services again if we decided to sell



Helen Charles

Thanks Kris

Excellent service again!!

Kind regards 

Margaret, IATA6957

I would like to thank I Am the Agent for all their help to me
in selling this property and dealing with my enquiries. The service I have
received has been excellent and I would have no hesitation in using you again
or recommending you to friends and family.

Emma, IATA6573

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Iamtheagent, In a very short space of
time, I had a lot of requests for viewings. Within in a week of the property being
listed it has sold. I found your team very helpful, the site easy to use and
excellent value for money. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to
sell to use I Am the Agent.

Leon B, IATA7538

You were awesome. The sheer utility of updating my advert on your (very fine) site and having the changes cascade immediately to Zoopla and Rightmove is what would sell it to me, again and again. Keep it up.

Phil M, Canterbury, IATA8003

Great service! I saved over £3,000 by using "I am the agent" for the sale of my land. It will be my property next ...

Christa P, Newbury IATA7602

Thank you very much indeed for all your help. We can’t believe how easy it was to use your site and to save about 4K! We buy and sell houses fairly frequently and have used many traditional agents. Your way of doing things suited us perfectly! You also outshine the last online agent we used!! This was the first time we had an open day and it resulted in 2 offers with us selling for the full asking price. I am keeping the For Sale board for the next sale!


Jo, IATA8706

Fantastic! Superb service offered

My goodness! I am the Agent really is the BEST! I own a flat in London and for two years I used a prestigious but unprofessional Estate Agent (Felicity Lord). It was not a happy experience at all which is why I looked elsewhere. They offered nothing more than I am the agent and I just do not understand how the price can vary so much between the two companies. I am the Agent charged £400 to do EVERYTHING that I needed: - Found two wonderful tenants, - carried out very thorough and professional checks and references, - wrote a very thorough and professional tenancy agreement, - Organised an inventory, - Organised the tenancy deposit scheme and more. The London Estate Agent charged me well over £7000 for doing the same thing with terrible service and worse tenants. To discover I am The Agent has been an absolutely amazing experience. They offered a personalised, professional service for a relatively tiny amount. They gave advice and were prompt in replying to my emails and questions . They recommended a fantastic Tenancy Deposit Security Company. I also organised an Inventory through them
which again was very professional and well done. I can hardly believe the difference between a "top" estate agent and "I am the Agent" These guys deserve nothing but success. They work hard for their
money and deliver an incredible service. Thank you "I am the Agent". You've saved me at least £6500 a year and I am so impressed with what you're offering. 


Amazing service, don’t think twice! I decided to give a chance to I am The Agent to let out our property in London. And I am so glad I did that instead of any real estate agency as everything went so smoothly with a very small charge. We got an offer for the asking price on the day and everything was sorted in a week. It was my first time letting out a property so was a little nervous but Kris and Lynton has been very professional and helpful throughout the process. They responded to all my questions so quickly and in a very informative manner, I was very impressed. I bought the whole shebang and also inventory service they provide. They did a very thorough job on credit checks and prepared a good tenancy agreement where you can make amendments if you would like. Inventory clerk was very good and detailed too. Our tenants were very happy with their service as well. I couldn’t have asked for more. I would recommend them to anyone and hope they keep up the amazing work they do. Thank you Kris, Lynton and IATA!

John -IATA6949

Once again an excellent service from IATA. Property uploaded to Rightmove first thing in the morning and by noon the same day was shaking hands with new tenant. Couldn't ask for more!

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