Any tips on presenting my property?

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Here are some ideas on how best to present your property.

  • Try to pretend the property is not your home but more of a product to be sold from a shelf. Let go of your emotional ties to the property. Remember once it's sold or rented the property it won't be your home anyway, so look at it with fresh eyes. It's hard, but let go! 
  • De-clutter, pack up all of your personal items and store them somewhere out of the property. The prospective tenant or buyer then has a blank canvas so they can envisage how to make it their own and personalise it to their taste.
  • If you don't need something, don't keep it. Donate it to charity or sell it. Make as much space as possible and make sure what's remaining looks organised.
  • Give the whole place a good clean. Spend as much time as possible making it feel and smell clean and fresh.
  • Cluttered work surfaces and dirty plates should never be seen.
  • Buyers will look all over a property, so be organised (including inside cupboards). Give the view an opportunity to imagine how it could look after they move in. If you have an abundance of furniture that you have collected over the years, why not hire a storage unit and remove what you don't need to ensure you give the appearance of space.
  • Rectify any little defects and carry out minor repairs where necessary. What's a small imperfection to you may be a major turn off for someone else.
  • If you have the time and money for redecoration, go for neutral colours throughout to achieve the blank canvas.
  • If you have pets, make sure they are out of the house for the viewing. Not everyone will love your pooch as much as you do. You might need to use air fresheners or neutralisers, whether or not you have pets..
  • Hang up any towels in the bathroom and remove mould from shower/bath recesses.
  • Dress up old furniture. Cover old chairs and sofas with throws and pillows. Make the best of what you have!
  • Hoover those carpets and polish that wood.
  • Wash windows inside and out bring in the light!
  • If you have the extra cash a bunch of flowers always brightens any room.
  • The front of the house must have kerb appeal. Clean up unwanted weeds, give it a sweep, add some plants or paint your old gate.
  • Make the best of any rear garden. Keep it clear to give the appearance of space. Put in bedding plants and dress it in some simple garden furniture. Keeping the paths free of moss and leaves will give it a looked-after feel. 
  • Why not invite a neighbour or friend to take a once over around the place as if they were a potential purchaser or tenant. Ask them to be honest with their feedback and try to see it through their eyes. Be open-minded and don't be offended with their suggestions!
  • Have confidence in what you are selling. As it's your home, you will be knowledgeable about the area, parks, schools, the electrics, the sunny aspects, the boiler, the size of the rooms, and all the unique selling points about the property. Share it! Nobody knows the place better than you, so show it off to best advantage. 

 Good luck and if you have any ideas and handy hints you would like to share please send them to and we will happily add them.