How do I receive enquiries?

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Here are how property enquiries and communication work at I Am The Agent.

We have a few methods of how we handle property enquiries and how we keep you updated: -

1. Text messages, these are sent to your mobile with the interested parties contact details, on occasion with viewing times and some vetting queries. These  enquiries are received through our automated voice system, these maybe on occasion slightly incorrect due to the callers answers or accent, however we text them straight after to check and update their enquiry with an email address and to verify the names etc, so within 15 mins this enquiry could be updated. If not please call the user back the telephone number will always be correct. 

The questions we ask on the automated 24 hour enquiry line for sales are: do you have a property for sale? do you have a mortgage in place? When would you like to view?  the question for rentals are: Are you in full time employment? When would you like to view? This is then sent to you via text, the answers you receive should tally up. These enquiries will need to be called back or text by yourself. We do send them a text message when registering their enquiry requesting they check and update their details, so perhaps within 15mins the user may update with an email but this is not guaranteed, so we suggest calling them back on the number we have supplied you.

All messages are stored in your account area in your control panel, the users with no email will be stored with their number and our domain in our system eg. as an email, DO NOT respond via email with these messages you will need to call them back as per the SMS sent to you, unless the user updates their email. 

2. Registered enquiries via our site, these are emailed to you with: full name, number, email and message. These will fall in to our messaging system and you can either respond via our service or directly via email. Again we always suggest calling as emails do on occasion get missed.

These enquiries are registered and vetted and then sent to you as soon as they are received and forwarded to you.

3. If you have added a mobile number you will receive an sms at the end of each day with an overview of how many messages you have had. If you wish to add a mobile number please go to your account area /mydetails.

You need to handle offers and bookings unless you have used our fully managed service at £750 or in-house. You can ask the enquirer to go online and make the offer via our website system. There are lots of blog posts and FAQ’s on what to do when you receive an offer to help you handle them.

Here are some tips on handling offers: HERE 

We request landlords and vendors to respond in 24 hours of receiving the enquiry although we recommend responding ASAP.  You can make all changes online, we are a fully online service.

We have the most advance tech system at I Am The Agent to handle enquiries and never miss a potential lead as an online estate agent we have refined our service over the last 10 years.