How does the selling online process work typically?

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The following is a useful guide of how the process of selling a property works:

Stage 1
As a starting point we would always suggest seeking advice and researching how much your property is worth. Check out and fully research details of properties in the area and how much they have been sold for. Visit all top property portals; some have direct links to the Land Registry, so you may be able to check all the properties that have been sold in your road for the last five years or more.

Stage 2

Register with I Am The Agent. Receive your user name and password. Log in and choose your I Am The Agent package. Make payment via our secure payment system.

Stage 3

Once you have chosen your online package and checked out, we will get in touch to arrange the appointment to visit, either to take pro photos or for the EPC inspection, and will then carry out a valuation. We can help you write up the property description if you wish. You then finalise the listing and you will be able to approve it and make amendments.

Stage 4
You will then receive confirmation that your listing is live.

Stage 5
We’ll send you the enquiries from potential purchasers when they come in. You’ll get this information both by email and stored in your online account. We provide a secure communications tool for you to use in your online account. You can then fix up viewing arrangements with the enquirers at a time that suits you best.

Stage 6

Conveyancing – Once you accept an offer, you will need to appoint a solicitor who will then work with the purchaser's solicitor to confirm what has been agreed and arrange for the various searches relating to the property. There are varied fees for this service and although we do not recommend any solicitors, we can obtain a quote for conveyancing costs for you if you wish.

Stage 7

If you are moving out of the property you will need to inform all of your utility suppliers of your move and your forwarding address. Do make sure you inform them of the latest readings on the day of departure.

Stage 8

When contracts are exchanged you and the purchaser will set a date for completion. On the date of completion, the purchaser's solicitors will transfer your money electronically to your solicitors to complete the purchase. You will need leave the keys somewhere to be collected by the purchaser on completion.

Stage 9
Make sure that you have arranged for your mail to be redirected, informed your gas, electric, water and telephone suppliers that you will be vacating the property and that you have move out at the time agreed with your solicitor to avoid complications.