What is required for Anti Money Laundering?

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Anti-Money Laundering

All estate agents have a legal obligation to conduct identification checks on their customers in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering legislation.

For sellers this must take place at the point you instruct I Am The Agent. For buyers this must take place at the point your offer is accepted by a seller.

We shall carry out an electronic identification check which has no impact on your credit rating and any information that we receive in connection with that search will solely be used for the purposes of the Anti-Money Laundering legislation.

Once the result of the electronic check is ascertained, unless we have a copy of acceptable photo ID (see List 1 below), we shall ask you two simple security questions to confirm that you are the person identified.
In any case where we have been unable to verify a customer’s identification by way of an electronic check you will be required to provide us with two forms of identification, one from LIST 1 and one from LIST 2 below. Without this, we are not able to proceed with the transaction.

Unless your Local Property Specialist has taken a copy of the original document in your presence the copies that are provided must be certified and the Post Office provides this service. Please follow the link below to find where this service is available.


Alternatively, you may use a solicitor, notary, bank, financial institution, independent professional person, a family doctor, chartered accountant, civil servant, or minister of religion.

Offers made should provide these on meeting or send the certified originals.