What is an EPC and do I need one?

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In simple terms, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a record of the actual and potential energy saving aspects of a particular property.

Since October 2008 it has been compulsory to have a valid Energy Performance Certificates whenever a property is built, rented or sold.

The home will be assessed using the UK's Standard Assessment Procedure for dwellings. Its performance is rated in terms of energy used per sq metre of floor area, energy efficiency based on fuel costs and environmental impact based on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

There will be an Energy Efficiency Rating: A-G (100-1) Environmental (CO2) Impact Rating: A-G (100-1)
Note: a rating of 100 is best, 1 is worst. The certificate will show a summary of all the home's energy performance-related features such as walls, floors, roof, windows, heating, secondary heating, heating controls, hot water and lighting. CO2 use will be also be highlighted. As a result, recommendations will be made within the EPC to improve the home's Performance Ratings (A-G).

The rating measures the energy and carbon emission efficiency of your home using a grade from 'A' to 'G'. An 'A' rating is the most efficient, while 'G' is the least efficient. The average efficiency grade to date is 'D'. All homes are measured using the same calculations, so you can compare the energy efficiency of different properties.

The EPC will then be used as evidence of energy performance when the house is put up for sale or rent.

The Energy Assessment

A domestic energy assessment involves an accredited energy assessor collecting data around the home, and putting it into software that calculates an energy report based on the information that is collected. The whole process takes approximately 40 minutes depending on the size and complexity of the property.
Energy Assessors

 All energy assessors have to be CRB checked and accredited with a governing body.

Further Information

For further information please contact the communities and local government on 020 7944 4400.
You can arrange an EPC assessment via the website www.iamtheagent.com or call us on 0333 444 1 007.